Wednesday, June 30, 2010

They say it's your BIRTHDAY!

Yes, that's right... yesterday was Max's 2nd birthday!  I was home sick yesterday, so as Max and I were laying in bed watching bad tv, my phone alarm went off reminding me that it was Max's birthday.  I had completely forgotten.  So, I called Michael and told him the news.  His response was, "Okay, I'll stop and get him something on my way home."  And I thought to myself... Michael is going to be a really great father.  If he treats our dog this well, I can only imagine how great he's going to be with baby Sanford.

So, amidst the Tylenol, chicken soup, and twelve hours of sleep, I managed to take some pictures of Max's birthday goodies.
He got a box of Milk Bone snacks, an Ol' Roy Munchy Bone, a big yellow pig that oinks when you squeeze it, a long grey something (I still haven't figured out what that thing is), and a Toy Story 3 birthday cup.

Here he is playing with piggy and crazy grey thing.
And eating out of the cool Toy Story 3 Birthday cup!

We love our little Max!


Ford Family said...

Awww...I am so sorry, I am sure you got sick from us and then it didn't help your immune system that I kept you up late and worked you to death! hope you feel better!! love you!!

keepingupwiththejoneses said...

I hope you are feeling better soon!! And Happy Birthday to Max!