Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Time to PARTY!!!!

Well, it has officially been one year since our sweet baby boy came into this world and completely turned our world upside down... and we have been blessed BEYOND belief! I wanted to make his first birthday party special, but I also wanted to make most of it myself. I've been pinning things on Pinterest for months and months. I actually started planning his party this summer, because I knew I'd have to do things as I had time- and that is not too often with this working mom. I decided on a bumble bee theme, and got started... and here are some pictures from John Michael's "Bee Day."

The food table
Balloon garland with bee hive

These little bee cake pops turned out great!

The favors

They were mason jars filled with goldfish- gotta keep it kid-friendly!

The bee stamp on the top was my favorite part

I made JM a little Happy Birthday banner for the mantle

The throne

JM's little bee hive smash cake

The birthday boy!

JM's girlfriend, Mia

They're trying to act like they don't see each other

For awhile, he wouldn't leave dad's legs

His little shirt had a bee and his name, with matching pants
*Made by Sissy and Bubba Boutique*

A sweet moment with Kristen

Opening presents

Surveying the loot

Helping clean up the paper

Big cousin Bradford was such a great little helper!

Counting Foster's teeth

Not sure about all this singing and staring

Dig into that hive!

Cake is GREAT!

Happy family

Happy Birthday to me!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Time to be Thankful

Before everyone jumps on the Christmas bandwagon... oh who am I kidding, I've been singing Christmas carols since July... I wanted to recap our Thanksgiving in Birmingham!

Michael had to work Thanksgiving morning, so we decided to host a Sanford/King Thanksgiving at our house this year. I had everyone agree to bring a dish or two (or five- haha), and we did the turkey and ham. In addition, Michael "Paula Deen" Sanford made an amazing pumpkin cheesecake, and I added in a little turkey cake ball dessert as well.

I was very excited to finally get to use all of the china we got for wedding presents!

And everyone had their own little placecards.

On the dessert plates, everyone had a smiling turkey cake ball.
Well... maybe it was just a smirking turkey. John Michael was in a weird napping mood, and decided that he wanted to take a nap from 8:30am until 11:00am, when we finally woke him up. But, he soon got into the Thanksgiving spirit while he rocked on his snail.
Even dad got in on the action.
But most of all, there was a lot of love. And, somehow I failed to get a picture of the whole family together, but I thought this one was sweet. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Time for TheCall

On 11.11.11, I went to Detroit with several coworkers to TheCall Detroit. If you haven't heard of TheCall, it's a group that gathers in a different location each time to have 24 hours of solemn prayer and fasting- all to cry out to God on behalf of our nation. It's no secret that our nation is going down the drain. I used to think that it was just a perception thing, and that as I got older and things became more important to me, that I was just more knowledgeable of the problems we face. But the Word says that we will see a moral decline before the return of Jesus, so I think that it'll just get worse and worse each year until He comes back. I know that sounds bad, but, it's actually quite exciting... you know, except for the moral decline part. :)

If you don't know what I do for a living, let me give you a little history about why this event in Detroit was especially meaningful for me...

7 years ago, I was in the crossroads of learning what it means to have the Holy Spirit as a real part of my life. Of course, I said that I had a personal relationship with Christ, but I don't know that I truly understood that relationship until the Holy Spirit was made real to me. I will always thank the Lord for bringing people like Cherry Russell, Jere Yeager, and Bob and Ann Armstrong into my life. I was just "walking out life" and they were always there to lend a listening ear, some kind advice, and point me to the scripture for my current question of the hour.

I had always been "in the grey area" about the topic of abortion. And before you go hit the "x" button, at least hear me out. It had always been my opinion that women should be allowed to do whatever they wanted involving their own bodies, including abortion if they felt it necessary. After all, what about pregnancies that resulted from rape? Well, it was during that time that I was getting to know the Lord, that I went on a little trip to North Carolina where I came to know a man named Lou Engle. Lou had started this group called Bound4Life, and they started TheCall. It was at a conference in North Carolina where I was dramatically impacted on the topic of abortion. Up until this time, I'm not even sure that I knew what an actual abortion involved. But, once the procedure itself was revealed to me (I'll spare you the details- if you don't know though, I'm happy to explain... or there's always google), I was mortified that I had ever considered it "no big deal." And not only that, but I learned that less than 1% of rapes end in pregnancy. And since then, I have met people who were children of rape victims, and I have to say that not only do I admire their mothers, but I'm so glad that they're alive! Needless to say, my views on abortion had changed. And God had used Lou Engle to do it.

Fast forward 3 years. I got a job at Care Net as the donor relations assistant. Care Net is an umbrella organization which supports a network of pregnancy centers across the nation and Canada. God opened a door for us to be a part of this year's event in Detroit for TheCall, and so we went. During one of our meetings before the event, I realized that it had been 7 years since I had become pro-life. The number 7 means completion, so I felt like the Lord was bringing me full circle to where He had first begun this work in me. I know that there is so much in store that I have no idea about... but I'm excited to see what He's going to do through all of this.

If you've made it this far, and you disagree with my stance on the life issue, that's okay. I didn't write this to change any minds, nor do I try to push the issue on anyone. That never did anything to change my mind in the past either. It was the Lord who changed my mind- using the facts- and I wasn't knowledgeable about it before. But I am now. And there's one other part to this... if you've had an abortion and you're still thinking about it, or maybe you feel guilty about it, or maybe you just can't shake the memory of it- there is healing for that. I know for a fact that God wants to heal you. And I'm going out on a limb here by even writing this post, so I'll go a little bit further. If you need someone to talk to, I am willing to be a listening ear, or I can put you in touch with someone who can help. Or, if you want it to be completely anonymous, you can call 1-800-395-HELP and they can help you as well. Or, you can also pass that number along to anyone you know who might need it.

Not trying to be a commercial here- I have just really had this on my heart lately. Maybe you've never experienced this, and you're reading this thinking "what a weird post." But if there's only one person who needed to read this today, then it was totally worth it.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Sooooooo, you all know how horrible I am at actually posting things in a timely manner. Well, I found all of these pictures from recent events.... and instead of making a blog post for each one individually, I thought I'd just group them all together into one. So, here are some random pictures from the last month or so.

The first one is one I like to call, "Mom hasn't done laundry in awhile, so I'm wearing completely mismatched pj's- and showing them off (I might add)."

The next set is from Foster's 1st Birthday party. We discovered straws on this day. This was also before he started walking (so we're taking a little trip down memory lane), but he would just stand and clap- it was so cute.

The next set is from a recent bath time. JM hasn't really been a bath time "player" in that he sort of just played with one toy and was good. Not so much anymore. It starts out with an amazement of the water filling up the tub...

And then while this picture doesn't really show it too well, he's all over that tub playing with every single toy in there, plus the cup, plus he wants to stand up and talk to Max, plus he wants to stand up and check out the faucet, and then pull down the soap bottle... it's really fun. No, really.

And then, I'll leave you with one last picture. This is a picture I like to call, "Mom and Dad are trying to save money by giving me 'home hair cuts' but because I'm so crazy when the clippers get near my head or feet (or legs, or tail), they only did 50% of my hair, and now I look like an overgrown and overweight Chinese Crested."

You can't really tell in this picture either, but believe me... there's a mane and some serious issues happening around the legs here.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Baby, it's cold outside

Nothing interesting here. I just really think this outfit is cute. He could have easily won "baby hiker of the year" for this.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Painted Pumpkins

Let's just be honest, this year I didn't feel like carving pumpkins. I have little to no free time on my hands, and how I even pulled off this year's pumpkins is still a mystery to me. However, I decided that since Alabama weather is so unpredictable... and carved pumpkins can get a little dicey in hotter weather... paint was my best option. So, I just walked out in the garage to see what I had on hand, and found some gold and black spray paint left over from when I "crackle" painted a lamp once. I say "once" because it was right after we moved into this house. No telling how old that paint was. But... I digress.

After failing miserably at a silver paint pen endeavor (I didn't take into account that I was working with a round canvas)...

I decided that masking tape and spray paint were my best options for pumpkin #1.

The end result looked like this:

For pumpkin #2, I took the gold spray paint route. After Michael looked sideways at it, I decided I needed something extra on it to "bling it up." Who knew that puff paint was more useful than just on a sweatshirt for grandma?

The end result looked like this:
And then for pumpkin #3, I decided to get all personalized with it. I had so much fun with the puff paint, that I decided to go with a big S, and some decor around it. The end result looked like this:
So there you have it. Sanford pumpkins 2011. Happy Fall y'all!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


I have had more fun saying that all day today. Pet-a-palooza. Say it- it's fun. Haha, you just said it didn't you? Well, for a couple of weeks now, I've been promising our dear sweet Max that I would do something special for him. He's such a good dog... sometimes. But he really has been so good with John Michael, so I wanted to treat him.

And then I saw the ad for Pet-a-palooza, a day at the park devoted entirely to pets! After a little research, I decided that this was the perfect way to treat Max.

So, this morning after our usual morning routine, we all packed up for the park. Max put on his new costume and modeled it for me in the kitchen. He's such a natural, right?

 And we went out to Veteran's Park on Valleydale to join in the festivities. There were many vendors with tents, bouncy castles, and lots of other dogs. Everyone in the family was busy checking things out.

Like I said, lots of other dogs... big and small.

But Max was busy checking out the dog in the "other yellow costume."

Check out that banana! There was also a gypsy (whose owner either dressed up like that too, or that's really how she dressed), a cheerleader, a hotdog, a princess, and my favorite was one who looked like part of a chariot with a little gladiator on his back.

John Michael even did a couple of double takes.

It was so much fun though- a good time really was had by all. By the time we got back in the car, Max was pooped... which is a pretty big deal.