Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Sooooooo, you all know how horrible I am at actually posting things in a timely manner. Well, I found all of these pictures from recent events.... and instead of making a blog post for each one individually, I thought I'd just group them all together into one. So, here are some random pictures from the last month or so.

The first one is one I like to call, "Mom hasn't done laundry in awhile, so I'm wearing completely mismatched pj's- and showing them off (I might add)."

The next set is from Foster's 1st Birthday party. We discovered straws on this day. This was also before he started walking (so we're taking a little trip down memory lane), but he would just stand and clap- it was so cute.

The next set is from a recent bath time. JM hasn't really been a bath time "player" in that he sort of just played with one toy and was good. Not so much anymore. It starts out with an amazement of the water filling up the tub...

And then while this picture doesn't really show it too well, he's all over that tub playing with every single toy in there, plus the cup, plus he wants to stand up and talk to Max, plus he wants to stand up and check out the faucet, and then pull down the soap bottle... it's really fun. No, really.

And then, I'll leave you with one last picture. This is a picture I like to call, "Mom and Dad are trying to save money by giving me 'home hair cuts' but because I'm so crazy when the clippers get near my head or feet (or legs, or tail), they only did 50% of my hair, and now I look like an overgrown and overweight Chinese Crested."

You can't really tell in this picture either, but believe me... there's a mane and some serious issues happening around the legs here.

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Unknown said...

I love your writing!
JM is so cute that it is a sin.