Sunday, October 31, 2010

Somewhere between 34 and 37 weeks

Well, it finally happened.  I officially got to the point where I voiced that I was tired of being pregnant.  It was last Tuesday to be exact.  Don't get me wrong- I'm super excited about what's happening with John Michael... I still love to feel him moving around and all.  But there are some things that are just starting to get to me.  Take for instance the head banging he's doing "down there."  I apologize if this is too much information for some people, but it seriously brings tears to my eyes and makes me double over in pain.  Or how about the lower back pain that comes from... well, anything.  Or the fact that I can wear one pair of flip flops, and sometimes my tennis shoes- and that's about it.

But, on the bright side, I was 34 weeks last Wednesday... and when I went to the doctor, I was measuring 37 weeks.  Wait, is that a bright side?  I was wondering when the nurse told me that didn't necessarily mean that he was coming early- just that he's big.  Well, the bright side of it was that up until that doctor's appointment, I was starting to wonder if I had a toddler sized baby, because NONE of the doctors would tell me what I was measuring.  Only three weeks ahead of schedule- whew.  Can you hear the sarcasm as I'm typing? :)

I will say this- I was totally blessed two weekends ago with a baby shower at my cousin's house.  One of my best friends (whom I usually only get to see once a year) helped host the shower- my partner in crime, Amy.  And my little sis was there, along with family and friends to make it truly special.  I got a car seat/ carrier- so at least now I know I can bring John Michael home from the hospital!  And we got some very needed things like bath time goodies, onesies, sleepers, the whole nine yards.  Here are some pics from the day:
My sister, Jessica, and me

All of my sweet hostesses

I'll go ahead and say this too while I'm at it (I don't seem to be holding anything else back today)... there was a time in my early stages of pregnancy where I actually said to myself, "Maybe you will be one of those lucky girls who doesn't blow up like the marshmallow man in your last trimester."  Not so, dear friends, not so.  I've come to terms with it though, so it's cool.

Now, I will roll myself off of this couch and go find something else to eat in the kitchen. :)  Have a great week!

Friday, October 1, 2010

First baby shower

I'm so behind on this post- but it has been a busy week here in the Sanford household. My sweet friends Catherine Gilmer and Harriette Jones gave me a baby shower last Sunday, and it was so sweet and wonderful.  I enjoyed catching up, hugging necks, and getting some wonderful gifts for John Michael!
The weekend was pretty busy though- Michael's brother Owen flew in from Austin to surprise Lois for her birthday (which was Saturday).  I was singing in a wedding Saturday evening, so I stuck around Birmingham while the boys went ahead to Selma.  I got to Selma Saturday night, about halfway through the Auburn game.  The whole Sanford clan gathered around the tv to cheer them on, and I was in and out of falling asleep on the couch after the long day.
But, on Sunday, my sweet friends hosted a wonderful baby shower for me, and I wanted to share just some of the pictures.  Here's my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew- my nephew Bradford is always the life of the party, so Stephen brought him for a cameo appearance, as many people had asked to see him. :)
Lauren was a lifesaver!  She wrote down all of my gifts for me- and as always, I LOVED catching up with her!!!!
My mom and my "other mom"- Mrs. Kay.  She came all the way from Auburn for my shower!  I was so surprised!!!!
We had ice cream in these little mason jars, with wonderful toppings and cookies.  It was great!

So, after a long and exciting weekend, we came back to Birmingham, Owen went back to Austin, and then we got hardwood floors in our house.  Yep, that's right.  More on that in the next post...