Sunday, May 3, 2009

A time to help

I was encountered with a tragedy about 5 years ago now that I had either never known existed, or just chosen to ignore. Remember the drought we experienced here in the southeast last summer? I do. I remember not really being all that affected because I myself didn't own a home, and it seemed that the only ones affected were those who had yards to water. Well, that wasn't the case. Some cities and towns were having their water rationed- they were having to reuse bath water over and over- having to keep water in a cup for brushing their teeth. I'm sure it seemed inconvenient at the time. Take that same drought and place yourself in Meto, Kenya. The difference is, they don't care about watering their yards, or even about water for taking a bath. They didn't have water to drink. Their cows had all been dying off- one by one- for the past two years. They had to walk MILES just to find water for themselves and their children. These are women who were trying to nurse their dehydrated babies when they were dehydrated themselves. What if you had to walk 15 miles one way just to get water to drink?

And what if that was the same water that people bathed in, and washer their clothes in? And then you had to haul only what you could carry 15 miles back? It sort of puts our life here in a new perspective doesn't it? Well, the good thing about this is that there is a group now who is dedicated to drilling wells for these communities to have fresh, clean water- and it's right underneath them! Integrity Worldwide has already drilled one well in Meto, Kenya- which will be enough for 6,000 people! This not only saves their lives... having clean water. This helps them to break free from poverty through the businesses of livestock and cash crops. And there are so many more communities in Africa that need this help! I guess before for me- it wasn't something that I was encountered with everyday, so I just didn't think about it. Well, out of sight should not be a good enough reason for something to be out of mind. People are dying. So- here's what I've done. I have pledged to Integrity Worldwide that I would raise $100 from my friends and family in one week to go toward this project. Look- $100 is nothing. That's $5 from 20 people. And if you're asking yourself what I've given to Integrity, and why I can't just give- I have given and will continue to give. But what good is it if I'm the only one who knows about this? What will change if I don't spread the word?What I'm hoping is that I will actually exceed this goal that I have set. Please- you have $5. The economy stinks, and I know that everyone is being hit really hard right now. But what is being hit hard? Our comfort? Even in our worst times, we have it so much better than the people in Africa who HAVE NO WATER! Even in our worst times, we can turn on the water hose or the sink and get all the fresh water we want. It's $5. That's all I'm asking. If you can do more, I will eternally be grateful. Click here to help:

Friday, May 1, 2009

A time for Expression!

I pulled out my point and shoot today because I needed to take a quick shot of something for my mom (which didn't need my serious camera)- and low and behold- I found some pictures and video clips from my trip to Denver.  My best friend Byrd lives in Denver, and I am usually in my element when I am around two people- Byrd and Amy.  As you can see from the following video clips, I enjoy hanging out with Byrd.

This video is what I like to call "The set up."  I have now set up the scene for what is to come.

Now, before you view the next scene, please keep in mind that I am just expressing my right to be free- in a public place- just as this man is also expressing his freedom.
This video is called "Expression!"

As you can tell, Byrd is a professional videographer.  Why else would I have asked her to capture one of the most important moments of expression in my life?  

And then, there is the final scene.  This video is called "Did I seriously just do that and you didn't get it on video?"

Byrd- my long time friend.

Maybe one day we'll find the video of our roller blading routine.  Now, that would be a SERIOUS blog post!