Friday, May 1, 2009

A time for Expression!

I pulled out my point and shoot today because I needed to take a quick shot of something for my mom (which didn't need my serious camera)- and low and behold- I found some pictures and video clips from my trip to Denver.  My best friend Byrd lives in Denver, and I am usually in my element when I am around two people- Byrd and Amy.  As you can see from the following video clips, I enjoy hanging out with Byrd.

This video is what I like to call "The set up."  I have now set up the scene for what is to come.

Now, before you view the next scene, please keep in mind that I am just expressing my right to be free- in a public place- just as this man is also expressing his freedom.
This video is called "Expression!"

As you can tell, Byrd is a professional videographer.  Why else would I have asked her to capture one of the most important moments of expression in my life?  

And then, there is the final scene.  This video is called "Did I seriously just do that and you didn't get it on video?"

Byrd- my long time friend.

Maybe one day we'll find the video of our roller blading routine.  Now, that would be a SERIOUS blog post!

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