Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day... I love this man

It was Michael's first Father's Day, so John Michael and I tried to make it special! In my mind, I thought, "I'll get up early and set out his gifts and keep John Michael occupied so that he can sleep in."

Well... he actually woke up well before I did, and kept John Michael occupied while I slept in. Oops. By the time I got up, I had to make him go to another part of the house so that I could set out his stuff. I had good intentions...

Anyway, John Michael (that crafty little fellow) had already given Daddy his present on Friday. He made this little box for Michael at school. Is that the sweetest picture ever of him? Props to Amy for capturing some sweet pics of our boy!

I wanted to do something sentimental for Michael, so I set out on Photoshop to create a magazine, designed and written about Michael and John Michael's times together. It turned out really cute... here are some shots of the newly released "Fathers" magazine.

I think he really liked it too- I heard him joking with his dad on the phone about how it was "the best magazine ever... cause it's all about me!" hahahahahahha- I love it!

John Michael got this onesie and said he wanted to wear it to church on Father's Day... but Michael was a little embarrassed.

John Michael watched very closely as Dad checked out his treasures.

And then they had some Father/Son time.

 And then there was some Father/SonS time... you know he gets jealous.

Happy Father's Day to all new dads out there... but especially to our new dad. We love you Michael!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It was a "flip flops in the airport" kinda mornin

If you don't know about the flip flops in the airport story, then you seriously don't know me at all. No really, it's hilarious! Read it here.

Now that you've refreshed yourself on the calamities that follow me in any given situation... that's sort of like what my morning was like today. I woke up at 4:45 to the sound of my husband's phone alarm going off, but there was no husband to be found. Turns out he fell asleep watching tv/reading on the couch last night. So, I went and woke him up (why yes, I am nice- anyone else need a personal wake up call at 4:45am?) to let him know that his alarm was going off. So, I took his phone to him so that he could snooze a little longer. About 5am, his alarm clock on the side table went off. So, I turned it off too. About that time, John Michael started stirring, so I went ahead and fixed a bottle and went in to feed him.

Baby fed... check. Baby back in bed... check. Was my bed still looking appealing at this point? You bet your sweet potatoes it was.

I crawled back into bed as Michael finished getting ready, kissed me goodbye, and left. It was about five minutes later when Max jumped off the bed, and I heard him start throwing up under the bed. I always love it when he throws up UNDER the bed. It's so easy to clean up under there.

Dog outside... check. Throw up cleaned up... check. Did I want to throw up at this point? You bet your sweet and sour sauce I did.

Michael called to say that he had forgotten his cell phone, and asked if I could drop it by on my way in. No problem... I pass right by there. So, I got ready for work (because I actually had to go into the office today- boss in town) and went to wake up John Michael to get him ready as well. Too late- he was already up and crying because he'd wet the bed. Wet the bed you ask? Yes, wet the bed. He likes to sleep on his stomach now, and I don't care what kind of diaper you are, you ain't holding that baby's tinkle without leaking. He was super upset about wetting the bed. I told him that it was okay- that I used to wet the bed all the time too. Bless his heart.

Got him ready to go- he was looking so cute. Walked to the dining room to put him in his carrier and BLAM, he threw up all over me.

Second outfit of the day before 7:00am... check. Baby who managed to miss himself completely... check. Did I want to cry at this point? You bet your sweet tea I did.

I loaded up the babe and set out for daycare. My cell rang about the time I got to 280... crap- I forgot Michael's cell phone. So, I turned around to go back to the house to get it. Little did I know that Maude in front of me had eggs in the car- she could only go 12 mph. Bless her heart. I finally got home, and low and behold... I couldn't find the cell phone anywhere! Seriously, I thought Michael ate it on the way out the door, because that cell phone was gone!

So, I left again for daycare- clearly later than my planned departure. So, I called my buddy Polly to let her know that I was running late. I'm sure my boss who flew in to meet with me today thought it was cool. No seriously, he's like the nicest man on earth. He understood. But, you guessed it... got behind Ethel on the way back, and yes, she had eggs in the car too.

Baby at daycare... check. Office cleaned out and boss met with... check. Was I tired by the time my boss left for the airport? You bet your sweet baby pickes I was.

Oh and Michael's phone? Yeah, he found it in our closet when he got home from work today. Ha.... Ha.... Ha.... what a day.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jumpin' Jack Flash...

Is the gas, gas, gas! I LOVED that song when I was little... mainly because the word "gas" was in it. My brother and I used to sing that song, and then we'd laugh and laugh and laugh about the gas part. Okay, that was really three days ago, but the point is, it's still one of my favorites to this day!

So, naturally, when I wanted to put together a little movie action of JM in his bouncy excersaucer, I thought, "What better song than Jumping Jack Flash could I use?!"

You've seen "Piano Man," now put your hands together for the one... the only... JUMPIN' JACK FLASH!
(I promise it's worth watching the whole thing- the end is classic)
(Tip: Expand to full screen so that you can read the subtitles)

Monday, June 6, 2011

6 months, a wedding, and more...

Wondering where I've been?! Well... let me try to recap what all has happened since my last post. My best friend from Selma got married on April 30th! (Okay, technically this happened before my last post, but to be fair, I meant for this to be in the last post- it just didn't make sense with Teacher Appreciation Week) Mrs. Clay Fuller Ziegler married Mr. Bryan Ziegler, and I have to say... that was one GREAT wedding. She was the most beautiful bride, and of course in true "Byrd" fashion, it was laid back and turned out to be one of the most enjoyable weddings I've ever been a part of. In fact, I enjoyed myself so much, that I forgot to take pictures during any part of the weekend except for the Bridesmaid Luncheon.

Here's Byrd with some of her lovely bridesmaids.

The lunch was outside at Suzie Q Kirkpatrick's house- what a great hostess. It was actually her birthday, so the bride had a sweet little surprise for her.

We had our own table out front with these awesome lunch boxes.

Since the wedding, we have been full-swing in ear infections. I actually think that John Michael has had the same ear infection since early April. Almost every weekend, we're either at the open doctor's office, or we're praying and counting down the hours until 8am Monday morning. This past month alone, John Michael has had an ear infection, the stomach bug (which he passed around to all of us, including Michael's sister Beth who came to help us), and bronchiolitis. We're talking about getting tubes, but we're trying to hold out until the fall so that JM can make it through two winters with them in.

But that sweet little guy doesn't let sickness hold him down. Even in the midst of having the stomach bug, he would throw up all over me and then look at me and smile. And not in a mischievous way- it was a sweet smile like he was saying, "I'm okay Momma."

He's a little over 6 months now, so we're now really getting into the solid foods. He's been eating solids for a couple of months, but I think now he's just discovered how much he loves food. And he'll eat anything- vegetable, fruit... not sure about the meats just yet though. He reaches for his bottle and pulls it toward his mouth- two nights ago, I let go of it and he fed himself for about 2 minutes... and then dropped it. He rolls everywhere, is trying to crawl (although he hasn't figured out to work the legs and arms at the same time), is somewhat steady sitting up by himself, and he LOVES to bounce in his excersaucer- more on that in the next post.

We noticed how much he loved the bouncy seat at daycare, so we got him his own "recliner" for home. (Warning: picture quality from here on out is terrible... haven't had the camera handy)

He's also sitting up straight in his high chair now, and will throw his ball down while I'm fixing his dinner... sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for that game to begin- you know that game- I'll throw it down and you pick it up 12,000 times... yeah, seriously, the suspense is killing me.

He's in size 2 dipes, wears anywhere between 6-9 month clothes, smiles, laughs, plays with his feet ALL THE TIME, and stares and smiles at Max (and sometimes gets his hands on the whiskers and holds on tight- Max has been WONDERFUL with him though).

He pushes up all the way on his arms while on his tummy, has a funny quirk of tapping one foot on the other leg while taking a bottle, crosses his feet at the ankles while sleeping/swinging/carseat riding/anything, puts everything in his mouth, sucks on one of his washcloths in the bathtub, sucks his thumb, loves any and all blankets, and is one perceptive little guy. We even went on our first outing to the pool... he loves "fimmin in the waddie," although we only got a picture in our fimmin trunks.

In the middle of being sick every other week, I'd say he's one happy fella. And boy do we love him!

I'll let you end on a little video I like to call "Piano Man." The next post will feature "Jumpin Jack Flash."
Piano Man from Kay Sanford on Vimeo.