Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day... I love this man

It was Michael's first Father's Day, so John Michael and I tried to make it special! In my mind, I thought, "I'll get up early and set out his gifts and keep John Michael occupied so that he can sleep in."

Well... he actually woke up well before I did, and kept John Michael occupied while I slept in. Oops. By the time I got up, I had to make him go to another part of the house so that I could set out his stuff. I had good intentions...

Anyway, John Michael (that crafty little fellow) had already given Daddy his present on Friday. He made this little box for Michael at school. Is that the sweetest picture ever of him? Props to Amy for capturing some sweet pics of our boy!

I wanted to do something sentimental for Michael, so I set out on Photoshop to create a magazine, designed and written about Michael and John Michael's times together. It turned out really cute... here are some shots of the newly released "Fathers" magazine.

I think he really liked it too- I heard him joking with his dad on the phone about how it was "the best magazine ever... cause it's all about me!" hahahahahahha- I love it!

John Michael got this onesie and said he wanted to wear it to church on Father's Day... but Michael was a little embarrassed.

John Michael watched very closely as Dad checked out his treasures.

And then they had some Father/Son time.

 And then there was some Father/SonS time... you know he gets jealous.

Happy Father's Day to all new dads out there... but especially to our new dad. We love you Michael!

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Ford Family said...

Happy Father's Day to Michael! you are too craft! can you give me some lessons???! xoxo!