Monday, July 25, 2011

Workin Nine to Five... What a way to make a livin...

And now that you have that song in your mind (you are absolutely welcome), that pretty much sums up why it has been so long since the last blog post. Not just work work... although since I now work at home, I sort of feel like it has been all work work (in case you're wondering, that's what I call my real job). But it has also been just plain work... around the house, cooking (cough cough- just kidding, not really cooking), baby proofing the house, sick baby, sick dog... you name it, I feel like it has happened.

Let's see, where did I leave off? Father's Day you say? Wow, it HAS been a long time. Well, let's back up a tad then. John Michael has been trying to crawl for what seems like forever. But the inevitable happened, and he started to crawl exactly one week and two days ago. Here's how it all went down:

Saturday morning- John Michael simultaneously moved the arms and legs, propelling him forward
Saturday late morning- I decided that it was probably time to baby proof the house
Saturday noon- Got home and John Michael napped, while we did a little baby proofing
Saturday evening- The kid was crawling everywhere... and FAST!

Now you see him...
So, I did what any normal parent would do... I sent him back to daycare. No, just kidding. But he did go back on Monday so that he could learn some new tricks. Also on Monday, Maxwell vonSeeberg Schnauzer Sanford got into something which made him so sick that he collapsed. I rushed him to the vet and thought several times on the way that I had lost him. It was absolutely horrible- he had to stay at the vet overnight, and I couldn't stop crying the whole night. He came home on Tuesday, and we're still unsure of what it was that he got into, but we did find a black widow in our backyard this weekend- sweet. (For some reason that just made me think of staying at a Holiday Inn Express- you too?)

So, naturally, John Michael decided on Wednesday that he needed a double ear infection to top things off.

Bless his heart!
But sadly, that didn't top things off. Michael went and got himself sick too- not sure what yet, but his throat looks really bad. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, we had the BEST time on Saturday with my very best friend in the world, Amy Clarke "the performer" Davis, and her family. John Michael spent some time with his future girlfriend, Mia. And I realized how incredibly white we are next to the tan-ness that is Mia.
Such a cute couple
In other news, exactly one week after he started crawling, John Michael pulled himself up to a standing position. I can't even describe the mix of emotions over that one. I'm so excited, yet so scared... all at the same time!

But,it's only Monday, so I have no idea what this week holds... but I can guarantee you that it will be cool in some shape, form or fashion. And I'm making a mental note right now that I will do better and blog on a more consistent basis... and then I won't have to catch you up on everything in one post that's full of writing and pictures. Have a great week!!!


Kristen Jones said...

Thanks for the update on the Sanfords. We miss you! Hope everything is going well with y'all. I love seeing pics of JM- I can't believe how long his legs are!

AprilA said...

He is so cute! Get ready for that walking, I hear its a big transition for the parents, as if parenting itself isn't a big enough transition!