Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It was a "flip flops in the airport" kinda mornin

If you don't know about the flip flops in the airport story, then you seriously don't know me at all. No really, it's hilarious! Read it here.

Now that you've refreshed yourself on the calamities that follow me in any given situation... that's sort of like what my morning was like today. I woke up at 4:45 to the sound of my husband's phone alarm going off, but there was no husband to be found. Turns out he fell asleep watching tv/reading on the couch last night. So, I went and woke him up (why yes, I am nice- anyone else need a personal wake up call at 4:45am?) to let him know that his alarm was going off. So, I took his phone to him so that he could snooze a little longer. About 5am, his alarm clock on the side table went off. So, I turned it off too. About that time, John Michael started stirring, so I went ahead and fixed a bottle and went in to feed him.

Baby fed... check. Baby back in bed... check. Was my bed still looking appealing at this point? You bet your sweet potatoes it was.

I crawled back into bed as Michael finished getting ready, kissed me goodbye, and left. It was about five minutes later when Max jumped off the bed, and I heard him start throwing up under the bed. I always love it when he throws up UNDER the bed. It's so easy to clean up under there.

Dog outside... check. Throw up cleaned up... check. Did I want to throw up at this point? You bet your sweet and sour sauce I did.

Michael called to say that he had forgotten his cell phone, and asked if I could drop it by on my way in. No problem... I pass right by there. So, I got ready for work (because I actually had to go into the office today- boss in town) and went to wake up John Michael to get him ready as well. Too late- he was already up and crying because he'd wet the bed. Wet the bed you ask? Yes, wet the bed. He likes to sleep on his stomach now, and I don't care what kind of diaper you are, you ain't holding that baby's tinkle without leaking. He was super upset about wetting the bed. I told him that it was okay- that I used to wet the bed all the time too. Bless his heart.

Got him ready to go- he was looking so cute. Walked to the dining room to put him in his carrier and BLAM, he threw up all over me.

Second outfit of the day before 7:00am... check. Baby who managed to miss himself completely... check. Did I want to cry at this point? You bet your sweet tea I did.

I loaded up the babe and set out for daycare. My cell rang about the time I got to 280... crap- I forgot Michael's cell phone. So, I turned around to go back to the house to get it. Little did I know that Maude in front of me had eggs in the car- she could only go 12 mph. Bless her heart. I finally got home, and low and behold... I couldn't find the cell phone anywhere! Seriously, I thought Michael ate it on the way out the door, because that cell phone was gone!

So, I left again for daycare- clearly later than my planned departure. So, I called my buddy Polly to let her know that I was running late. I'm sure my boss who flew in to meet with me today thought it was cool. No seriously, he's like the nicest man on earth. He understood. But, you guessed it... got behind Ethel on the way back, and yes, she had eggs in the car too.

Baby at daycare... check. Office cleaned out and boss met with... check. Was I tired by the time my boss left for the airport? You bet your sweet baby pickes I was.

Oh and Michael's phone? Yeah, he found it in our closet when he got home from work today. Ha.... Ha.... Ha.... what a day.

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Rayne said...

HAHAHA! Great morning laugh thanks!