Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Time to PARTY!!!!

Well, it has officially been one year since our sweet baby boy came into this world and completely turned our world upside down... and we have been blessed BEYOND belief! I wanted to make his first birthday party special, but I also wanted to make most of it myself. I've been pinning things on Pinterest for months and months. I actually started planning his party this summer, because I knew I'd have to do things as I had time- and that is not too often with this working mom. I decided on a bumble bee theme, and got started... and here are some pictures from John Michael's "Bee Day."

The food table
Balloon garland with bee hive

These little bee cake pops turned out great!

The favors

They were mason jars filled with goldfish- gotta keep it kid-friendly!

The bee stamp on the top was my favorite part

I made JM a little Happy Birthday banner for the mantle

The throne

JM's little bee hive smash cake

The birthday boy!

JM's girlfriend, Mia

They're trying to act like they don't see each other

For awhile, he wouldn't leave dad's legs

His little shirt had a bee and his name, with matching pants
*Made by Sissy and Bubba Boutique*

A sweet moment with Kristen

Opening presents

Surveying the loot

Helping clean up the paper

Big cousin Bradford was such a great little helper!

Counting Foster's teeth

Not sure about all this singing and staring

Dig into that hive!

Cake is GREAT!

Happy family

Happy Birthday to me!


Ford Family said...

Yay!! I can read!!! ; ) Again, precious party for a precious boy!

atlanta smiley said...

Adorable! You're so crafty!!

Rayne said...

So Cute, very impressed with all of the decor!! He is so precious!

Caroline Bobo said...

Soo your updates no longer show up in my feeder?? I am able to see your new posts if I go to your site, but would love to see when you do new updates? Any idea? I didn't know if it had to do with going private that I can't see them there now?