Saturday, October 29, 2011


I have had more fun saying that all day today. Pet-a-palooza. Say it- it's fun. Haha, you just said it didn't you? Well, for a couple of weeks now, I've been promising our dear sweet Max that I would do something special for him. He's such a good dog... sometimes. But he really has been so good with John Michael, so I wanted to treat him.

And then I saw the ad for Pet-a-palooza, a day at the park devoted entirely to pets! After a little research, I decided that this was the perfect way to treat Max.

So, this morning after our usual morning routine, we all packed up for the park. Max put on his new costume and modeled it for me in the kitchen. He's such a natural, right?

 And we went out to Veteran's Park on Valleydale to join in the festivities. There were many vendors with tents, bouncy castles, and lots of other dogs. Everyone in the family was busy checking things out.

Like I said, lots of other dogs... big and small.

But Max was busy checking out the dog in the "other yellow costume."

Check out that banana! There was also a gypsy (whose owner either dressed up like that too, or that's really how she dressed), a cheerleader, a hotdog, a princess, and my favorite was one who looked like part of a chariot with a little gladiator on his back.

John Michael even did a couple of double takes.

It was so much fun though- a good time really was had by all. By the time we got back in the car, Max was pooped... which is a pretty big deal.

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Cindy said...

We had Critters by the Creek in Montevallo today. Bailey ate mud and Dobey had an astham attack so we came home early. Glad you guys had fine.