Monday, October 3, 2011

A Time to "Walk the Line"

I know, I know. It has been FOREVER since my last blog post. Sorry- things have been a little busy. Work has been hectic as we just had our conference in Orlando last week. While I was gone, my mom came up and stayed with Michael and John Michael. When I returned, they all came to pick me up at the airport- and I was beyond excited to see my little growing weed!!!

My mom bought JM a new toy while I was away, and boy does he love it! Michael and I thought we'd put together a little video to illustrate JM's new talent... in true Sanford fashion... please put your hands together for Johnny Cash!!!

If for some reason you are unable to view the video within the blog, you can watch it here on Vimeo.


Cindy said...

Love it!!!

Kristen said...

Wow! Go John Michael!! He is doing awesome... he will be walking like tomorrow!

Unknown said...

GO JM, Go!!!

Angie said...

Way to go JM!! You are so advanced little buddy and oh so cute!!!