Thursday, July 1, 2010

"All the Pregnant Ladies..."

Last weekend, I traveled to Auburn/Opelika to spend some time with one of my favorite people in the whole wide world- my friend Shea.  Shea has always been like a big sister to me, helping me torment my brother, taking me out when I was (according to my brother) too young to go out, and she even did my flowers for my wedding back in 2006.  She's a gem- and while she is in a hilarious feud with my husband currently over something that happened in 10th grade- she's always been a part of my family.

Shea's sister Haley tied the knot last Saturday, so I got to spend some really good quality time with the Fords, the Justices, the Gardiners (who I didn't know before last weekend, but adore!), and some Selma folks whom I'd not seen in a really long time.  I was already signed up to sing in the wedding, so I decided to go over a little early and help Shea with the flowers, the kids, and anything else that needed doing.

Shea's two sister-in-laws, Heather and Amy, are also pregnant- and they're AWESOME!  I had so much fun hanging out with them, and Shea kept singing Beyonce's "All the Single Ladies" with the word "pregnant" instead of "single."  I know we're all still singing it in our heads... thanks Shea.

But all in all, it was a GORGEOUS wedding, and I had a blast hanging out with this crew!  The only thing that was missing was a reprise of "Respect" on stage with Figure 8.  I'm still bummed that I didn't get Shea up there to sing it.  Oh well, maybe the next wedding!


Ford Family said...

Awwww.....could that have been any sweeter! I just love you to pieces and enjoyed every. last. minute. of our time together and of course singing..."All the baby bumps, all the pregnant ladies!" and what's even funnier is the fact that my child was singing it on the way home from the fireworks tonight and I just giggled to myself at her! :)

Heather and David Sellers said...

Dave was bummed you didn't talk about the two of you sharing wedding cake at midnight. That was a tiring, yet very fun weekend. I can't wait to hear what your having still hoping for a little girl. Either one will be great. You did prove that weekend that you are a pro at fixing a little girls hair.

The Brandons said...

Aw Kay!! What a sweet post! I just noticed your blog link on FB tonight. I was reading your "Pregnant Ladies" entry to Jarrod, and HE wanted to know why you failed to mention him! :-) Maybe one day Bubba, David, and Jarrod will be cool enough to get a shout out in your blog! It was great seeing you again! Take care. Love ya much!