Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Transition... Part One

Two weekends ago was exciting and tiring, all rolled up into one!  My mom came to Birmingham on Saturday, and she, my cousin, and I went on a search for baby furniture.  We were on the lookout for a non-traditional changing table, as well as a crib that would match the dresser we already have in the room.  While my mom was on the way to Birmingham, I figured I would waste no time and hit up some yard sales around the area.  I was really looking for a table that I could transform into a changing table, but what I ended up getting was even better.  While there was nothing that matched my "changing table wish list," I did score a pack-and-play, as well as a stroller for a little bit of nothing.  And they are both in really great shape, so I'm beyond excited about my new (to me) purchases. 

Once my mom arrived, she and I hit up a couple of other yard sales, as well as a local furniture store before picking up my cousin to do the most important thing of the day: eat lunch.  After loading up on some really great Mexican food, we set out in search for this "in my mind changing table that doesn't really exist."  After one store, we thought we'd found the perfect piece.  It was antique, painted mint green, and was really cute.  However, I felt that we should go to another store just to shop around first.  I'm so glad we did!  We found this table, and I love it!  I'm going to repaint, hopefully in the same hue, only because of the chipped paint places.

You should have seen us riding through Birmingham with this table hanging half out of my trunk, strapped in with some twine that I had leftover from our Christmas tree purchase- and padded with a hoodie that always lives in my trunk.  If we didn't look like the Clampett's, I don't know who did.

After dropping off the table at my house, and switching vehicles with Michael, we headed on the search for the crib.  I had done some online searching for cribs, and knew the style that I wanted, so it was an easy decision for me once we saw one similar to the one I had painted in my mind.  But, I'm going to leave you in suspense for the crib pic, because I want to get the mattress and bedding put on before the great reveal.  But that's where we'll end this post- Saturday afternoon, with a changing table and a crib in tow, a great time with my mom and cousin under my belt, and excitement for the day that lay ahead.

Stay tuned...

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Kay Kay,

I think that we need to see some more pregnancy pictures:) I hope that you are doing well. Oliver broke my cell phone so I had to get a new one. My new number is: 843-513-6657. I don't have your number anymore so please text me when you get a chance so I can store it in my phone. Love and miss you bunches!