Wednesday, June 23, 2010

16 weeks

Well, I am officially 16 weeks today.  I realize that I haven't posted any pictures, but it just seems like such a hassle to get the camera out, try to take a pic of myself, and then download it, etc.  I know, I'm a slacker.  So.... since I don't have any pictures, I will touch on some subjects that don't involve pictures.
First, we found out recently that we will find out the sex of the baby on July 15th!  I can hardly wait.  I'm looking at nursery decorations and bedding, but won't decide for sure until we know.  But that also brings me to the subject of names.  So far, we have decided on two girl names:

Chappell Mae Sanford
Mary Owen Sanford

The boy names, however, have us stumped.  We have talked about this off and on, but have pretty much left the conversation until we find out whether we're having a boy or a girl.  I think we both secretly think that we'll just wait to see if it's going to be a boy before we have to decide on a name.  So far though, we have talked about the following boy names:

Or any combination of the above

I think we'll wait to worry about it until we know for sure. Other than that, things are going really well.  I have had some pretty rough headaches, and some serious heartburn, but if that's all I have to worry about, I think I'm doing pretty well!
In about a week and a half, I'll get to see my very best friend in Grove Hill!  She is pregnant with baby #2 (another girl), and I absolutely cannot wait to see her!  Her husband laughed and said, "Well, looks like we'll have two hot pregnant women... and I don't mean sexy!"  haha!  I love it!  It should be a weekend of lots of fun, swimming, and strawberry cake. What can be better than that?!

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keepingupwiththejoneses said...

Kay,I love the name Mary Owen! I'm excited to know what you are having. Ha! Thanks for the websites you gave me, now we are going to finish decorating the nursery. yay! love you!