Monday, February 21, 2011

A Time for a Baptism

John Michael was baptized on Sunday, February 20. And... he slept through the night for the first time the night before his baptism!!!  He makes lots of noises through the night as he sleeps, so I didn't freak out when I woke up at 6am after putting him to bed at 9pm the night before. But, here's what the week was like before this wonderful marked occasion.

Michael and I didn't really do anything for Valentine's Day on Monday. We're not big celebrators of the day to begin with- but add a colicky, one week out from minor surgery infant to the mix- you forget that it's anything other than "survive through this day so that we can sleep" day. Plus, Michael came home from work saying that he didn't really feel that well. He was achy, and although he forced down some chicken pot pie that I made, I knew he wasn't hungry.

Tuesday morning... stomach virus elite arrived. I say it that way because Michael wasn't the only one who was sick. No, no, no... our little bug was spared. But Max on the other hand had left several presents on the rug in the living room. Our rug is light blue with ivory and brown looking "branches" on it. Needless to say, these presents blended in with the brown branches on the rug. So... while Michael thought that he had cleaned up all of the presents, I found several more as the day went on.

I quarantined Michael and Max in the guest bedroom together, and that's where they stayed all week long. Michael had a balanced diet of Saltines and Gatorade... and Max was fine after Tuesday, but he pretended to be sick just so that he could stay with dad all week.

John Michael on the other hand, decided that this was the week to cry the hardest he's ever cried! After taking him to the pediatrician for the 8,547th time, and being told something different for the 8,547th time, I was a basket case. Plus, with the crying being the worst it had been, and having Michael quarantined and not able to help at all... I thought I was going to die.  But, we made it through the week, and we were all still alive by Saturday, so we packed up and headed to Selma.

Michael took off with John Michael, and my parents and I headed to Orrville to visit a sweet, dear family who just suffered the loss of a family member. Once we all got back, Paw Paw and Nana played with John Michael- and he was doing so well.  In fact, it was the least amount of crying I had ever seen from him (Paw Paw insists that this is because of him). JM got a bath and went down to sleep in a crib that my mom has in the back bedroom of their house. And, he slept all night!

We got up at 6am Sunday morning, had breakfast, and all got ready for the baptism. John Michael wore the Christening gown that my brother and I both wore, as well as my nephew Bradford.  You can see my earlier post of embroidering that gown here. He did so well, and only cried a little bit. Here are some pictures from the day.
John Michael with mom and dad

with Bishop Chuck Jones

And with Father Craig Stull

JM slept through the night last night once we got back to Birmingham too!  And since last weekend, it's been all smiles and playtime. Here's our sweet baby boy at 10 weeks old.

Trying our hand at the Bumbo seat- not quite ready yet

On the changing table, my favorite place to be!

Mom's so funny!

Playing on my activity mat- I love these hanging things!

We're doing much better, to say the least. We have a week of outings planned so that we can take full advantage of this amazing weather before I have to go back to work. I hope that this all means that one day soon I can say, "The colic came quickly into our lives, and it left as quick as it came."


Cheryl Clarke said...

I'm so glad to hear that things are improving for you all. JM is so cute. I love all the photos!

Ford Family said...

When I look at that angelic face, it's hard to beleive that he's ever fussy!! ;) xoxo!

Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

Bless sorry he cried even harder and Michael was sick :( Proud of YOU!! You are a wonderful mom and wife. Love the baptism pics!! So fun!!

Harriette said...

I've been wondering how the stomach issues were. I hope finally resolved. I also visited the family in Orrville and saw Diane and Wes to learn they were here for the baptism. Glad all is well, we will have to get the kids together to play soon. Alan & I are loving learning how to be GRAND parents. GRAND really trumps being plain or regular parents...thus the term is fitting!!