Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Time to Organize- Part 1

OCD Kay is baaaaaaack!  There are some slight OCD "particular" tendencies that never left, but I just finally felt the need to organize the kitchen.  Maybe it's all the time I have at home.  Maybe it's the fact that JM took a day off from crying to allow me to do something else.  Maybe it's the fact that I felt like if I didn't do something soon, that I'd end up on an episode of Hoarders.  Whatever the reason, it's done.  And now, I'm taking bets on how long you think it'll last. :)

First thing that HAD to be done before I could do anything else was cleaning, purging, and organizing the end of our kitchen counter.  Here are some before pictures.

I've decided as the first course of action that I'm going to put "Return to Sender" on all credit card applications that come to me from now on.  I may even do that with all junk mail from now on.  I'm sick of it!  Half the reason we have so much stuff on the end of the counter is because of all the junk mail that I feel the need to shred because I don't like throwing away anything with my name and address on it.  And the decision to return all junk mail feels quite liberating to me.  So, there you have it.

Second course of action was to come up with something to put all of my coupons together in one place.  I want to save money, especially on things like formula and baby items, so I needed to find something- luckily I had an old check box in the office, so I made that into my coupon box.  I know, I'm super fancy.

I threw a BUNCH of stuff away, shredded a ton of mail, and moved some things around (like putting the recipe books and box up on the upper counter, and scooting the canisters down).  After all was said and done, this was the new end of the kitchen counter!

Look at that open countertop!  It actually has one less item on it now, as I ended up using that side canister in the pantry.  Oh, and speaking of the pantry, I organized that too.  Exceeeeeeept, I forgot to take before pictures.  So, just imagine the most unorganized and messy looking pantry.  And then here are the after shots.

I may even add labels if I ever get around to it.  Ahhhhhhhh... I'm tired now.  Stay tuned for Part 2, which is a tad more OCD and a little less organizational.


Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

I LOVE ORGANIZING!!!! I seriously should look into some form of an organizing job next! isn't it refreshing to look and see everything in its place! GREAT JOB!!! looks great!
p.s. I didn't even notice the counter that day I was there! aha!

Ford Family said...

If you get done and are bored, I would love for you to come and attack this house!! :) Thinking about you!! Loves You!!!