Monday, February 7, 2011

A Time for Creativity

Oh, the creative juices are flowing!  I can't help it, I'm just so stinking creative.  Okay, just kidding.  I don't know if losing brain cells during pregnancy and childbirth also goes for losing your creativity too, but lately, I've been struggling to even get a shower everyday... much less be creative!  Buuuuuuuuuut, I do know some people who are EXTREMELY creative.  Okay, that's a lie too.  I don't actually know them.  I follow their blog, so I guess you could say I stalk them?  Well, maybe it's not that severe.  A LOT of people follow this blog, and I can totally see why.  Um, it's because they're AMAZING!  Yes, I'm using a lot of CAPS in this post.
Anyway, shout out to John and Sherry Petersik, the authors of Young House Love- my favorite blog.  They are serious DIY'ers and just reading their blog makes me feel somewhat empowered to tackle any job around my house- and to jump in feet first and make something myself.  So, with that being said... what do these items all have in common?

They're the ingredients to the new mobile I put up in John Michael's nursery.  I never bought a mobile because the ones I thought were reasonable in price just weren't my style.  My style is more along the lines of the ones that have a hefty price tag.
But that's when I saw the mobile that John and Sherry made to go in their daughter Clara's room.  They also posted instructions on how to make your own version.  So, with a little 1, 2, 3... I made two to go up in JM's nursery.  And, I decided to hang them from the air vent in his room in hopes that our air/heater might stir up a little action for them.  Well, probably not.  I think it's more the fact that I have some unreasonable fear of putting holes in the wall/ceiling/cabinet.  I'm getting better about it, but in the meantime, I'm just going to tie them to the air vent.  They do have a nice twirling action going on though.  Here's my final product!

And here's my trusty assistant, Maxwell vonSeeberg Schnauzer Sanford, posing with the finished product.  He held the ladder while I hung them.  You should comment on how nice you think his new haircut looks- seriously- he got his feelings hurt because he thought nobody liked his new do.  Nana had to Skype him last night just to make him feel better.

Mine don't look as cool as the Petersik's, and I could only get two done- which I know goes against all decorating rules (hang/organize things in odd numbers).  Who cares- I'm a decorating REBEL!  Or I have a baby with colic... whichever one you want to go with.
But I think it'd be cool to chill in my crib and look up at this view.

Stay tuned as I share in my next post about getting organized... and my OCD tendencies.  But, let's not call it OCD.  Let's just call it... particular.


Sherry Petersik said...

So pretty! Love it!

s (& j)

Katie said...

your mobile turned out awesome! and I love that blog, too. ...but not more than yours : )