Monday, November 15, 2010

A Time to Make Peggy Raybon Proud

I'm now within the last month of my pregnancy, and my doctor has told me that I am to "take it easy and keep my feet propped up."  He realizes that I work, so basically I'm supposed to work and go home and that's pretty much it.  I don't know if it's because of my swelling or what- but if you know me, you know that it's not easy for me to just sit around all day and do nothing.  Well, maybe it's not that hard. :)

So, since I have all of this time on my hands, I decided to do something creative and useful while sitting on the couch.  Enter the christening gown that my brother and I wore when we were baptized.

Our names are embroidered on the front bottom left panels, along with the dates we were baptized.  Look at how beautiful this is...

So, naturally when my nephew Bradford was born a little over a year ago, he wore this same gown for his baptism.  Wanting his name to be added to the embroidering, my sister-in-law took the gown to a woman in her hometown.  However, nobody wanted to touch the gown because they said that the fabric was too thin.  One woman said that she could do the embroidery by hand, but that it would take over a year.  Well, by that time, I was going to need the gown for John Michael's baptism.  So, after consulting the brilliant Brenda Keith, I gained the confidence I needed to tackle this whole embroidery thing myself.  I knew that I couldn't do as fabulous a job as my own Godmother had done on our names, but I decided that I would try anyway.  

I bought some embroidery thread, and after two nights of sewing, I finished Bradford's full name and baptism date.  

No, it's not perfect.  But, I never said I was a professional seamstress either.  However, I really enjoyed doing this.  Now all I have to do is John Michael's name, and I'll leave the baptism date for later to add on.  In the meantime, I'm really proud of myself.  I think I would have made my 8th grade home-ec teacher, Peggy Raybon, proud as well.  The only thing she ever saw me sew was a button- and I didn't do that great a job with the button!

I'll end with one more shot of my handiwork. This is Kay, signing out at 37 weeks pregnant, and obviously bored.


Mrs. Brock said...

Kay-it's beautiful! You did a great job. Can't wait to see what else you do in your boredom the next three weeks! And yes, I think Mrs. Raybon would be so proud of you :)

Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

Awesome job!!! Mrs Raybon is cheering from heaven!! She would have loved you titled the post for her! Very impressed. Keep it up and don't get too bored sitting around! aha!