Monday, January 6, 2014


This is a new series titled, "Things Bug Says." I call my son Bug, and wanted to keep up with some of the funny things he says, so here goes...

1. When playing with his trains, he yells, "All da board!"

2. A band-aid is a "boondaid."

3. When he takes a bite out of something leaving a crescent shape- "Hey look! Da moon!"

4. While playing with a stuffed angry bird- "Dat wed buwd has eyebwows."

5. He makes the dolphin sounds by saying "ah gah, ah gah, ah gah." But while talking on speaker phone with my husband, he held his dolphin up to the phone to "speak" to him and said, "ah gah, ah gah, ah gah to go poo poo in da potty."

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