Sunday, January 19, 2014


"Things Bug Says"

1. "Mama, you got a freckle on your eyebrown. I got a freckle on my eyebrown too."

2. (Seeing an 18 wheeler that looks like Mack from the movie Cars)- "Hey there's Mack!"
Michael and I: "Hey Mack!"
JM: (in Mack's voice) "Hey John Michael, hey Mama, hey Daddy."

3. Max broke his dew claw so we took him to the vet, spurring all sorts of doctor conversations. I overheard this one:

JM: "Bubba, I'mma take you to the docta. I just need you to be vewy vewy quiet."

4. JM: "Chapp bwoke her spida."
Me: "Her shoulder."
JM: "Her shoulda. Yeah."

5. Nighttime prayer from JM:
"Thank you for if I go poo poo in da potty, I get pwizes. In Jesus' name, Amen. Kachow."

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