Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A time for a haircut- our first to be exact

Well, it has taken quite a few trips to the vet to get acclimated to the groomer, but we finally got Max's hair cut today!  This has been an eventful experience, as every time I would take him to get his hair cut, I would come in to pick him up, and he would be all fluffy from a bath, but no hair cut.  "He just does NOT like the clippers!" they would say.  Well, blessings to Vonda who after two visits and a willing spirit to "work" with Max to make him see that hair cuts are good, was able to cut Max's hair today!  She was so excited... as was I.  His hair was getting so long that I was really having a hard time keeping it from getting all matted up.  
So, here are some pictures of our new do...

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