Sunday, July 7, 2013

Reading Nook!!!

I know my blog posts are once in a blue moon, but I try to save the good stuff for posting. Today was good stuff. I've been wanting to create a better organizational space in John Michael's room, while also creating for him a nice little reading nook (the boy loves his books). Since we were going to be in Atlanta for the 4th this year, we decided to make a pit stop by IKEA on the way home to pick up some goodies. But first, you have to see the before pictures (as much as it makes me cringe).

We still had a changing table in his room, because as much as I wish we were fully potty-trained... we're not. Luckily, that table isn't really a changing table, so I was itching to get it into the living room to have a more functional piece in there as well.

Ugh, the toys. There are soooo many toys! See that tub behind his bed? Also full of toys.

And... this isn't going to get me the "parent of the year" award, but this is real life, folks. Yes, I push-pinned a duvet cover over his window to block out the light. A momma's got to do what a momma's got to do when it comes down to nap time and no real curtain options around the house.

Michael saw somewhere where someone (like my descriptions there?) had taken some Expedit bookshelves from IKEA and turned them into benches. The bookshelves and the storage bins were easy. But as we walked around IKEA, I wondered what on earth I would do for the cushioning on top. When I told Michael to be on the lookout for a long cushion, he spotted these individual blue cushions in the dining area. He's a genius! They worked perfectly!

AND they velcro underneath to keep them in place! I tell you, a genius!

The real test was whether or not Max approved. I'd say we got two paws up!

Next was my curtain issue. I couldn't let the boy keep duvet curtains. Plus, that blue was going to clash with my new bright blue cushions. So, the original curtain that I wanted to put up in his room was crying in a closet somewhere because it was just too darned sheer for nap time. Enter light blocking panels, stage left. I laid out my curtain on top of one panel and cut the bottom off a couple of feet to leave it a tad longer than the panel.

And because the thought of pulling out my sewing machine made me want to curl up into fetal position, I stitch witched that sucka!

Attached my handy dandy clip on holders at the top... (I'm super technical).

And then I picked up the curtain with the overlapping panels and realized the panels were going to gape open in the middle.

 So, I pulled out my MacGuiver belt and safety pinned them together in a few places. Oh come on people! Anything is better than a duvet curtain!

About midway through my toy sorting, two of the Elmos threw down a stomp routine.

And then, voila! The toys were put away, the books were up on ledges (also from IKEA), some throw pillows made their debut, and the new normal curtain was up!

I just love these book ledges. I'm doing some subliminal messaging there with that purple potty book front and center. :)

Blankets and babies are ready for some snuggling!

Look at that awesome, real curtain! The panels do a FABULOUS job of blocking out the light too!

And the last little finishing touch is John Michael's art piece that he painted at Little House of Art in Atlanta this past weekend. I hope to continue to switch this piece out as he continues to create.

That's it for our reading nook! Hope you enjoyed!


J Hassett said...

Great job!! I love it! It's soooo says "preschool"! Ps love the book ledges...may have to bribe B for a trip to ATL now! Would they work with thousands of little people vehicles?! Our little people corner is out of control!

Kristen Pesnell said...

How have I not known before now that you blog? I blog too!!!
I LOVE JM's new room! Ya'll did a great job! I may have to steal the bookshelf turned bench's genius!

AHPaul said...
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AHPaul said...

This is so cute! You did a great job. This should be pinned on Pinterest. :) P.S. There was a typo in my previous comment, so I removed it.