Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Time for Jorts and a Baby Wife Beater

So, for all those who caught the funny story on Facebook, I apologize, I'm about to rehash it. However, the long awaited pictures are here! But first the story...

I went to Target last weekend for my usual grocery shopping. They have a 5% off debit card now, so all of my purchase, plus coupons, is 5% off! But that's not why I'm writing this. In addition to the usual groceries, I needed to pick up some plain white onesies in a larger size. John Michael has a lot of little overalls, and mostly wears them without anything underneath, but a couple of them are scratchy, so I throw a little white onesie underneath and go. So, I picked up a package of 9mo size white onesies, and made sure to do a little price checking to see which brand I liked best, but also which one was cheaper (I mean, it's white onesies folks- and we eat alot of sweet potatoes).

So, I got home and threw the package on top of the washing machine to add to JM's laundry load the next day. When the time came to do laundry, I opened the package, threw in the onesies, and went about my day. Not until I pulled the laundry out of the dryer did I realize the fantastic surprise. I had inadvertently bought my son his first set of baby wife beaters. I joked about it on Facebook, saying that all I needed was a pair of cutoff jorts, a tractor hat, and a crawfish boil to seal the deal. Well, I don't have cutoffs but I do have baby jorts. The other things are all missing as well, but I snapped a few model shots this morning of the lovely sight.

Keep in mind now that John Michael is a paid equity model. He gets paid in sweet potato puffs.

 He and "Bubba" stopped to watch a little tv...

Here's his "casual look."

Look at those teef!

I asked him to show me his "thinking about long lost toys while drooling" look.

For some reason I can't look at this one without thinking he looks like he has a flat top crew cut! This one is titled "morning sun entice."

He's working on his pouty lip look. Here's a nice standing shot.

I hope you've enjoyed our latest modeling shoot. We're on our way to find the local crawfish boil, and then maybe we'll stop by Tractor Supply and look for that hat. Have a great day!


Cheryl Clarke said...

The story and photos are so cute! He is adorable!!!

Caroline Bobo said...

Awesome!!!! love the pics

kellyffuller said...

I love the wife beaters, LOL!! He is too cute!!