Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's Teacher Appreciation Week!

Last week when I picked up John Michael from daycare, there was a note on his daily sheet about this week being Teacher Appreciation Week. After I consulted the daycare calendar for May, I discovered that each day included something different for John Michael to do for his teachers. (Side note: If any of JM's teachers are reading this and it's not Thursday yet, go away and come back tomorrow. You don't want to ruin your surprise do you?)

So, back to the calendar...

Tuesday's project was for John Michael to make a homemade card for his teacher. Well, JM has three teachers. He would have made his own cards, but Monday really wore him out. So, I helped. :)

Each teacher got something different inside, specific to them. 

John Michael felt that cards would go really well with a banner, so we did one of those too. :)

Wednesday's project was for John Michael to bring a snack/treat for his teacher. Since the ingredients for our snack/treat of choice don't come in packages of three, we made enough for all the teachers, helpers, and I think even the owners got to take one home.

If you can't read the back, it's just instructions on how to make their yummy treat.

Thursday's project is for John Michael to bring a flower to his teacher. Well... I thought about this one for awhile... and then I thought about it some more. And I finally decided that I didn't want to give a flower that would most likely not even make it through the whole day. So, I googled how to make a fabric flower. Let's just say that I didn't have all of the ingredients on hand to make it their way. So, I improvised.

A couple of bamboo skewers, some fabric, and a little bit of Mod Podge later, we had some flowers.

Yeah, I'm super fancy with my Momma G's cup as a vase.

Friday, we get to stay a bit and have a muffin in the morning to celebrate Mother's Day. I can't wait! Have you thanked a teacher this week?


Ford Family said...

Love the Smores did you make the taggy thing for the bag...can u email me a tutorial??

Caroline Bobo said... are super Mom already!! Love all the ideas for the teachers!! LOVE the flowers!!! so creative!

MISS YOU!! Moving weekend for us is May 20th and will be there for good after Memorial Day weekend!! WE MUST HANG OUT!!!