Friday, January 7, 2011

4 weeks!

How did four weeks already go by?  I guess in the midst of midnight feedings, Christmas, New Years, and doctors' appointments... it just flew by!  There's so much to report on, but for fear that I will make this post eons long, I'll try to stick to just a couple of subjects.

First of all, we've had to change formula three times!  We started out on just the regular newborn formula, and then had to switch to gentlease because of fussiness.  Then we had to switch to soy because the gentlease wasn't helping.  Then the soy caused some digestion issues, so we switched again to nutramigen. This has helped with the digestion- however, the fussiness is still in full swing.  BUT, we have some good times too, so we're not crazy just yet.

As far as I can tell for the first month, here are some of John Michael's likes and dislikes:

The picture of Chicago above the couch
Any and all fans in the house
His swing
His sleep sheep
Strategically peeing on mom and dad while changing- and catching the wall in the stream if possible
When mom sings Barbra's "The Way We Were"
The changing table
Car rides
Classical music

His back rubbed
Going to sleep sometimes
Any outfit that goes over his head
Initially getting into the carseat

We're exhausted... but he's such a cutie, so it really is worth it!  Here's a picture of him at 4 weeks.


Ford Family said...

I love it-the good and the bad!
He's definitely a cutie pie and worth every delirious moment! :) love you!

Cheryl Clarke said...

Now you know what everyone means when they tell you to enjoy every moment because he'll be grown before you know it! I can't believe he's already a month old! He is such a pretty little fella. Can't wait to meet him in person.