Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dananananana- They say it's your BIRTHDAY!

Ok, ok, I realize that I have been a slacker on the blogging- so I'm going to start with today, and then my following posts will move backward into things I've been up to. But, for the sake of sharing Debbie's birthday pictures with everyone today, I'll start here...

We had a Birthday Beach party for Debbie today- bless her heart- she's 29 and doesn't look a day over 20. We furnished the conference room with beach towels, paper lanterns (not shown), a lovely pink flamingo (perched in a bucket of sand), lai's, and a sun hat for Debbie. Clearly I should have checked the package labeling on the grass skirt I bought- because Polly was the only one able to fit into the 'child size' skirt.

Yes, that's a flower bra. It came with the 'child size' skirt. Debbie received a bubble machine, a heartfelt card, and a new pair of aqua flip flops (which so nicely matched her attire today).

After a lunch of chicken salad, canteloupe, crackers, and birthday cake ice cream- it was time to catch some rays. Those flourescent lights really bring out my tan.

Happy Birthday Debbie! I hope you had a wonderful lunch- and I hope your birthday continues to get better and better! We love you!

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